New Baby Gift Guide 2021

For many new babies and their families, the pandemic has completely reshaped any expectation of life with a new addition. The awaiting family members have been put on hold, as have their hugs and doting eyes; introductions are being made over FaceTime with a constant stream of pictures being sent back and forth, to capture every moment missed. It has been an extremely challenging time for everyone, however babies do not wait for anything and their births bring light to the darkness around them. These precious moments are something to hold on to and be celebrated, even if you are unable to be there in person.

I have chosen five of my favourite products at Crane & Kind, that make the most beautiful gifts for a new baby. We also offer a gift wrapping service, so the gift will be sent straight to the new baby, particularly helpful if they make an unexpected surprise entrance!

1. Halcyon Night Baby Swaddle Wrap | £24

This is a perfect gift to keep mum and baby close together. After being pregnant for nine months, it can be especially difficult for women to adapt to life with a baby 24/7. Not only does this wrap allow baby to feel secure and safe, but the skin-to-skin contact is a great way to increase bonding between baby and parent. This soft baby wrap is made from a mix of super stretch cotton and elastane for superior comfort, enabling mum and baby to feel cosy. The 100x100cm wrap is extremely practical, with the ability to use it as a light blanket or a sunshade, particularly useful as we head towards the summer months. The Halcyon Nights Baby Wrap would make a gorgeous present for any new baby and a parent needing some time with their hands free.   

This stylish baby wrap comes in five different designs: Twilight ABC (seen above), Arctic Park, Toy Box, Monster Mash and Sweet Dreams.

 2. Milestone Baby Blocks | £18.99

My second choice is one I wish I had been given, the Milestone Baby Blocks. As baby changes and grows each day, it can be tricky to capture the special milestones or for them to be lost in the thousands of photos snapped on your phone. These blocks make documenting baby's age and their first experiences easy. The set comes with four blocks: two numbered, one with units(days, weeks, months, years) and one with special moments(e.g nap time). As the baby hits a new milestone you are able to record the exact moment by placing the cubes in the picture, making it easy to share the snapshot across to friends and family. While each day passes by, they make a beautiful nursery accessory waiting patiently for the magic moments to happen! Additionally, these blocks can also be used for documenting the weeks and months of pregnancy! 

Crane and Kind also sell the Milestone 'My First Year ABC Book' (£32.99) and the Milestone 'Baby's First Year ABC Memory Card' (£16.99).  

3. Little Dutch Ocean Pink Seahorse Rattle | £8 | Little Dutch Blue Pull & Shake Octopus | £12

Here is a personal favourite - the Little Dutch soft toys! These super sweet, little friends would make the most dreamy gift for a new baby. They are the perfect size for little hands to grasp, with the different textures and shapes stimulating the child's hand-eye coordination. The seahorse has a gentle rattle, whereas the octopus shakes when the string is pulled! The octopus' clip makes it a secure accomplice for any pram trips and car seat rides.  

The seahorse also comes in Ocean Blue, as seen below, great if there is a nursery colour theme. If you're looking for a cuddly toy a little bigger(great for older siblings to share), we have the 'cuddly octopus' those long tentacles make for excellent sensory play. Again, coming in pink and blue!


4. Tropical Jungle Cosy Nest | £79.95


The Done by Deer Cosy Nests, in 'Tropical Jungle' and 'Grey Dreamy Dots', provide a safe space for baby to sleep* from birth. The nests create a familiar environment that enables baby to transition from a range of locations, remaining cosy and comfortable. They are also a new parent's best friend, allowing them to continue other activities when baby is safely next to them. One friend of mine, who owns her own business, puts the cosy on her desk next to her, meaning she can keep busy with baby safe. Definitely Wonder Woman! 

The 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton provides a soft, stylish sanctuary for baby. For many parents, this is their key to getting babies to sleep and is really worth considering for a present if in budget. 

*Never leave baby unattended. Always leave on a flat surface. Do not carry baby in nest. Complete full research on sleeping environments for your baby such as advice from the Lullaby Trust and the NHS. 

5. Little B by Bramley Gift Suitcase | £42

Last, but certainly not least, is the Little B by Bramley Luxury Suitcase Gift Box. Its a fab option for the mums that already have little ones and are therefore harder to buy for. These award winning bath products/toiletries contain 100% naturally derived ingredients made in the British countryside. This specific box contains a variety of products from Body Lotion to Sleep Spray all in 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging! As the products are formulated to use from six months up, it is something parents can keep safe until the time is right! I always suggest a present for when baby is a few months old to those that come into the shop, for example buying a Bob and Blossom 'Sister Babygrow' in 3-6m instead of 0-3m, as I have found many people end up with a surplus amount of products for the early days. This gift set includes many useful, luxurious products for baby to try when the whole family have had some time to adjust to the change.

The Little B by Bramley range also include some smaller sets, from the 'Hedgehog Bath Time Gift Set'(£25) and the 'On the Go Hand Care Set'(£16, there are many options to suit a variety of budgets and needs. Jemma has written a blogpost all on Little B which I will link HERE.

A Little Message

A little message to say thank you for reading this new baby gift guide and making it to the end! This is the first gift guide in our little series, with five more on their way. We will be filming an IGTV over our Instagram (@craneandkind) having a talk through these products, as well as revealing the gift guide topic for next week, so please pop over and show us some love!

Stay safe and positive in these challenging times and congratulations to any new babies entering the world. 

Meg x

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