New Mum Gift Guide 2021

Following on from our New Baby Gift Guide 2021 in our new series, it's time to talk about all things mum. Recovering from the birth and adapting to life with a baby is a huge physical and mental challenge, that requires support from those around them. Due to the current regulations this might mean that being there in person is no longer an option, however there are many other ways to show your support from a distance. A card, flowers or even a long call is a great place to start, just a simple gesture to remind them during these times they are not alone. However, I have put together another five recommendation of thoughtful gifts that give the new mum a little spark of joy.

As I mentioned in the last blogpost we offer a gift wrapping service, an excellent option if you want the present to be wrapped beautifully and sent directly to their door. 

1. Live Kind 3 Wick - Windswept & Wildflower Candle | £29.50

Whatever the occasion, a candle will always be a great present. The few moments that a new mum is able to escape, they will be able to relax with the Live Kind Windswept & Wildflower candle filling the room with the smell of Bergamot, Jasmine and Peach. These vegan friendly, plant based wax candles are hand poured in England, presented in a recycled glass pharmacy jar. Once burnt down, the jar would make a beautiful storage pot for cotton pads or even jewellery. The three wick candle also come in two other scents: Starlight & Desert Dusk(Amber, Frankincense and Cedar) and Vast Skies & Tan Lines(Lemongrass, Lime and Orange). All equally as beautiful. 

What makes this candle such a thoughtful gift is that a percentage of profits goes towards our Live Kind Initiative, where we are able to buy resources for a range of charities, programs and projects.   

2. Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Masks(set of five) | £15

A lovely pamper item for a new mum is a set of Spacemasks, five self heating eye masks. Infused with Jasmine, the Spacemasks are the perfect treat after a long day. I believe that buying something that the new mum might not think to buy herself, or potentially doesn't know about can be a lovely surprise to open, and the Spacemasks don't disappoint.

The heating process in completely safe and actually quite interesting! When the thin layer of iron filings entwine with the oxygen molecules in the air, an exothermic reaction occurs! The low levels of Jasmine mean you can enjoy the fragrance without irritating your skin. 

3. Lefrik Mustard & Gold Adults Backpack | £50

A practical, yet stylish gift to give to a new mum is a Lefrik backpack/changing bag. Every thread of this eco, sustainable bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. To give this bag as a gift, is making a conscious effort to reduce plastic waste from landfill and therefore reduce the Carbon Dioxide levels of the planet. I truly believe that this bag, and the message that comes along with it, would make a thought proving gift to new parents. Lefrik have created a range of styles that would make anyone in the family happy to carry it.

The Classic bag is shown in the picture above, with a 10L capacity, double internal compartment and internal side pocket, it makes the perfect all rounder. If you are looking for something bigger, the Capsule(£50) is the one for you. It has an a 24L capacity and two side pockets, perfect for easy access. The largest backpack from their collection is the All Purpose(£46), providing 25L capacity in a much more basic shape, just a main compartment sealed by a flap and cord closure. Lastly is the smallest bag, and baby version of the All Purpose, the Scout(£35). This bag works wonders as a grab bag, when going on walks or trips down to town. 

All styles would make a lovely gift, with a water resistant lining preventing stains making it extremely practical. 

4. Wanderlust California Blue Quartz Necklace | £30

When someone becomes a mum, it is a moment to be remembered. This Wanderlust necklace in California Blue Quartz would make a lovely keepsake to mark the change, with the stone symbolising power and positive healing(as does the Champagne Quartz). The Citrine Necklace represents joy, energy and abundance and the Rainbow Moonstone Necklace represents the traveller's stone, offers good luck and protection).

These sleek necklaces are handmade in the UK, presented on a card explaining the gemstone and in an embossed box. Each semi-precious stone is unique and will vary slightly from one another, making it even more sentimental.  

5. Live Kind Navy Soft Touch Beanie | £15

To finish I have chosen my favourite from this gift guide, the Live Kind Beanies. These limited edition charity beanies would make a lovely gift to a new mum(or dad) for whenever they leave the house. They are super soft and warm, designed at Crane and Kind and printed in Exeter! As mentioned with the Live Kind three wick candles, we have a commitment to providing real and physical support for those in need through our Live Kind Initiative. 

We have sadly sold out of our lavender, but the Navy(as seen above) and Rust are still available!

A Little Message

A little message to say thank you for reading this new mum gift guide and making it to the end! This is the second gift guide in our little series, having posted the new baby gift guide and with four more on their way. We will be filming an IGTV over our Instagram (@craneandkind) having a talk through these products, as well as revealing the gift guide topic for next week, so please pop over and show us some love!

Stay safe and positive in these challenging times and congratulations to any new mums. 

Meg x

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