All Natural Baby Bath Products from Little B at Crane and Kind

Award winning, family owned company Bramley have created a beautiful collection of all natural bath products for babies and children. We are super excited to bring them to you at Crane and Kind.  The first ever Little B refill station is coming soon!

I am totally unashamed to admit that my dressing table has a secret stash of toiletries *stolen* from the rare nights away in a fancy hotel and the majority of those are Bramley products.  Because I simply can't resist and using them feels like such a treat - If you know you will know!  They smell immense and the reason for that is the beautiful essential oils they use, which also means that the smell lasts and lasts and lasts...long after you have dragged yourself out of the bath. 

Now Bramley have developed and released a new range specifically for babies and children - the Little B range.  Delicate on sensitive skin and suitable from 6 months, they are 100% ethical, smell beautiful and look beautiful too! 

Little B all natural organic gentle bath products for baby at crane and kind Produced in small batches in the British countryside the range includes a hair and body wash, body lotion, sleep spray, magic balm, bamboo toothbrushes and much, much more.

Little B have developed delicate, sulphate free products to calm and soothe, full of nurturing essential oils and with a focus on the power of nature at the heart of the range - we are a little bit addicted to the smell!

Start the bedtime routine the right way with a relaxing bath using the hair and body wash (£12).  Capturing the sleepy scents of clementine, refreshing sweet orange and calming lavender we have tried and tested this product and promise you that you will put to bed that the most amazingly sniffable heads (is that a word!).

Little B hair and body wash by Bramley at crane and Kind all natural and organic delicate on sensitive skinOne of the stand out products for us is the Sleep Spray (£14) which has now become a regular part of our son's bedtime routine.  He's not the best sleeper and at 3 we were still getting a visitor in the middle of the night. Now he spays his *magic bedtime spray* after bath time and smooths it into his pillows (cute!)...bedtimes are smoother and the night waking happens much more infrequently.  I honestly swear by this stuff to help a baby or toddler sleep (fingers crossed I don't jinx it now!)

sleep spray by little bramley at crane and kind

Also available -

    • Hand Wash (£12) Hand Cleansing Gel (£12) and ALL NEW One The Go Hand Care Kit (£16) for delicate little hands to help clean and protect your babies when they are out and about (touching EVERYTHING!) 
    • bamboo toothbrushes (£3.50) made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo and with recyclable nylon bristle - let's change the world one toothbrush at a time!
    • Magic Balm (£18.50) so you can kiss away any bumps, scrapes or dry skin with this brilliant balm for bottoms to cheeks and everywhere in between!
    • Body Lotion (£12) to massage and moisturise your little ones, nourishing even the most delicate of skin. 
    • and more!

The best new baby gift.

Little B gift sets make the most gorgeous, unique new baby gifts that we promise new parents will thank you for! A gift that is not only practical and useful but will also help to create some of the most precious memories of baby's first bath-times - the smell of those moments will forever be cherished!

little bramley gift set at crane and kind

Little B Gift Sets from £12 to £42

Perfect Gifts for New and Expectant Mums

We have recently expanded the range we offer at Crane and Kind and now have a couple of stand out gifts for new or expectant mums.

If you have had a baby you will know that the first shower you have afterwards is possibly the best shower of your life!! You will also know that as a new mum you will need one thing in your bands!!

So combine the two in this gift with the award winning Bramley Cosmos New Mum Gift Set (£12) - a hospital bag essential containing all natural and gentle body wash, shampoo, conditioner and a hair tie. How amazing?!

new mum hospital bag essential gift by bramley at crane and kindThe technical stuff

The reason we are working with Chloe and her team at Bramley and Little B is because they have a robust and ethical approach to product development, testing and long term reduction of single use plastics.

  • Little B products are produced in small batches so that there is little wastage and freshness and quality are optimised.
  • Little B maintains a strict ingredient promise, is cruelty free, vegan friendly and never compromises on quality.
  • All their essential oils are fair trade, wild crafted, grown sustainably and sourced carefully with integrity. 
  • Base ingredients are naturally derived from raw items such as sugar and coconut and our wax comes from soya.  They believe in the power of nature and are committed to finding naturally derived ingredients proven to deliver results.
  • All packaging can be recycled and 100% of the product ingredients are biodegradable, making Little B safe for the environment as well as safe for your family.

chloe founde of bramley products at crane and kind

Bramley have moved to glass bottles for their adult range and obviously this is not appropriate for bath time involving baby and little people. The plastic bottles used by Bramley are made from a biopolymer plastic that has been made with sustainable sugar cane and are 100% recyclable.

All bottles can be returned to Little B to be recycled locally or they can be returned to us at Crane and Kind and we will ensure that every single part of them is recycled.

Coming soon - the fist ever refill Little B refill station at our Sidmouth shop to help ensure our footprint on this earth is as sustainable as possible.  Plans are in progress so watch this space!

So much to discover and we are exciting for you to try the new Little B range. Let us know what you think.

Wishing you all happy bath-times and dreamy bedtimes. 


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