Floating Toy Boats - Whale Blue 2 Pack


Enhance bath time with the Ensley floating sail boats, offered in a convenient 2-pack. Add an extra layer of fun and excitement as Mr. Bear and Cat embark on sailing adventures in these open silicone boats. Whether in the tub, pool, or at the beach, these boats promise endless aquatic amusement.



    Floating toy boats
  •  Made from soft and safe silicone
  •  Great for bath time and outdoor water fun
  • 2-pack
  • CE-marked • CA-marked

Dimensions: 1 Boat Assembled: Height (cm) 14,5. 1 Boat Assembled: Width (cm) 7,5. 1 Boat Assembled: Length (cm) 17. Rabbit: Height (cm) 7. Rabbit: Width (cm) 3,5. Rabbit: Length (cm) 3,4. Mr. Bear: Height (cm) 5,5. Mr. Bear: Width (cm) 3,5. Mr. Bear: Length (cm)

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get your order Gift Wrapped!


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