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You Got This!


A joyful book that encourages children to build their self-esteem and empathy towards others. With a fun rhyming text from Rachael Davis (I am NOT a Prince!) and packed with colourful, bright illustrations from Leire Martín (Doctorsaurus, Hotel for Bugs, Unicorn Club).

Meet the Cheer Squad!
A single cheer is all it takes,
to start a chain that never breaks.
With each cheer louder than before,

our confidence grows more and more.
Win or lose, hit or miss,
Just remember . . . YOU GOT THIS!

You Got This! celebrates the power of positive thinking and resilience, enabling kids to nurture their self-esteem and become their own biggest cheerleader! Plus, children will love meeting all the adorable members of the super-cute Cheer Squad! Perfect


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get your order Gift Wrapped!


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