Swim Essentials

2-6y Swim Aid Puddle Jumper - Starfish


A good alternative to swimming rings, and suitable for kids between 2-6 years old! A Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper is useful for letting your child swim safely in the water. The best thing about these Puddle Jumpers? 

The Swim Essentials Puddle Jumper consists of one piece that is attached by a buckle around the back. That way it won't come loose and your child can't just take it off. The Puddle Jumper is made of foam, so that your child floats well. Looking for an alternative to a puddle jumper? We also have floaties and pools in the same cool print! Let the summer begin!

Swim Essentials live for the summer, as do we! They specialize in creating the most unique swimming items, by developing new and trendy designs on our inflatables, swimwear and safety swim equipment.

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get your order Gift Wrapped!

get your order Gift Wrapped!


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