Gold - Metallic Banana Bag


At Wild, the banana bag that was designed for women has nothing to do with the 80's banana bag, made of thin canvas that hung cheerfully under the stomach. We want you to wear the banana high! Proud ! On fire!!! Whether it is to tightly belt your winter down jacket, to pull up the back of your pretty silhouette or to cross over your jacket, our fanny pack belts you in a feminine way. You are free to gallop wherever you want! Head for the heights... of style... Forever!

  • Iridescent leather fanny pack with adjustable strap.
  • Material: 100% leather, Lining: 100% polyester
  • Size: 47 X 30.5 X 14CM.
  • Do not wash or tumble dry

Why WILD, you may ask? Because WILD means wild, free, whimsical and extravagant and all these adjectives perfectly reflect who we are and who the women who wear our creations are. Because WILD brings a bohemian touch from elsewhere and offers an ethnic alternative, colorful, sexy, joyful and full of surprises to be found in our prints.

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    get your order Gift Wrapped!


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